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Johann H. Baalke
(1842 - 1917)

Johann H. Baalke was born 8 March 1842 in Prussia, son of Dorothea -----. (Father's name unknown.) He was probably a nephew of Anna Elisabeth Balken (1809-1886).

He married Maria Dorothea Blum 10 May (year unknown) in Prussia.

Maria Dorothea Blum was born 10 March 1845 in Prussia, the daughter of August Blum.

Johann and Maria came to America about 1867 or 1868, bringing his mother, Dorothea, and their son, August. It is not certain whether their second child, Mary, was born in Prussia or in America. The family settled at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where they had relatives. In America, Johann used the name John, and Maria used Mary or Marie.

John was a carpenter contractor and built his own home in the area known as the Flats, on Route 3, Sheboygan. It was situated on what is now New Jersey Avenue, just south of the cemetery.

His daughter Anna later recalled that the family spoke "High German at church, Low German at home, and English at school."

Dorothea Baalke, John's mother, died "when Richard was a baby" -- probably about 1878.

John and Mary Baalke were the parents of fourteen children:

1) August Heinrich Baalke. Married 1st, 1888, Hedwig Lehmann. Married 2nd Jenny -----. Died 22 October 1932 at Chicago, Illinois.

2) Mary Baalke. Married Anton Schreiner. Lived "Up North Woods."

3) Elizabeth Baalke. Born 6 January 1869 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married Frank Connors.

4) Francisca Fredereke Sophie Baalke. Born 29 July 1871 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

5) Johanna ("Jenny") Baalke. Born 16 October 1872 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married, 1892, Friedrich Kruschke. Died 4 May 1946 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

6) Henry Baalke. Born 10 April 1874 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married, 1906, Pauline Grabowski. Died 1 January 1941 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

7) Meta Baalke. Born 1 May 1876 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married Herbert Otis. Died 8 May 1934 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

8) Richard Baalke. Born 29 November 1877 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Died 1969 at San Francisco, California.

9) Infant daughter. Born 31 March 1880 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin (Sheboygan County Births, Vol. 20, Page 177). Died 8 April 1880 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin (Sheboygan County Deaths, Vol. 2, Page 31).

10) Emma Louise Baalke. Born 21 May 1881 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married 1st, 1902, Joseph Detterbeck. Married 2nd, 1919, Charles Weiner. Died 27 February 1952 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

11) Anna Marie Baalke. Born 10 March 1883 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married, 1903, William Kleist. Died 28 October 1974 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

12) Oscar Baalke. Born 25 August 1884 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married, 1910, Senta Schirmer. Died 17 April 1967 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

13) Lulu Baalke. Born 23 September 1885 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Married ----- Rathermel. Died 22 July 1978 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

14) Hulda Baalke. Born 6 September 1888 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Died 21 November 1965.

Mary Baalke died 22 March 1915 at the home of her youngest daughter, Hulda Biwerse, 915 North 8th Street, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, of paralysis. She had suffered a stroke nine weeks before her death. She was buried 25 March 1915 at Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Rev. K.L. Ruff officiating.

John H. Baalke died 17 October 1917 at St. Nicholas Hospital, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, of paralysis. (He suffered three strokes before his death.) He was buried 19 October 1917 at Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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