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Oscar Baalke
(1884 - 1967)

Oscar Baalke was born 25 August 1884 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, son of Johann H. Baalke and Maria Dorothea Blum.

He married Senta Schirmer 4 June 1910 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Senta Schirmer was the daughter of Alexander Schirmer and his wife Magdalene. She died 29 August 1913 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, of Bright's disease.

Oscar and Senta Baalke were the parents of one daughter:

Virginia Baalke. Born 15 November 1910 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

After the death of Senta Baalke, Oscar left their daughter Virginia in the care of Senta's family. He eventually became a sergeant in the Marine Corps, and retired in 1945. He was 5'3" tall, and had brown eyes.

About 1960, Oscar returned to Sheboygan. He died 17 April 1967 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, of pneumonia.

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