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Children of August and Jennie Baalke:

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August Heinrich Baalke
(d. 1932)

August Heinrich Baalke was born 2 September (year?) in Prussia, son of Johann H. Baalke and Maria Dorothea Blum. He came to America with his parents in the mid-1860s.

He worked as a carpenter.

He married 1st, 12 October 1888 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Hedwig Lehmann. The marriage was performed by Adoplh Hoeckner, Justice of the Peace. Witnesses were Anton Schreiner [husband of August's sister Mary] and Jennie Baalke [August's sister Johanna]. (Sheboygan County Marriages, Volume 6, page 373, #2227.) The couple made their home in Sheboygan at first, but soon moved to Chicago.

Hedwig Lehmann was born in Farmington, Washington County, Wisconsin, daughter of Wilhelm Lehmann and Friedericke Schuster. She died in august 1892 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, while visiting from Chicago. She was buried at Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

August and Hedwig Baalke were the parents of three children:

1) Lizzie Selma Baalke. Born 12 August 1889 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Died ca. 1977.
2) Bill Baalke.
3) Jennie Baalke. Born April 1892 in Chicago, Illinois. Died 22 September 1892 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, of cholera. (Sheboygan County Deaths, Volume 5, Page 483.)

August Heinrich Baalke married 2nd Jennie -----. They were the parents of three children:

1) Berenice Baalke. Born October 1895. Died about 1956.
2) Joseph Howard Baalke. Born 27 May 1901. Died November 1967.
3) Walter Martin Edward Baalke. Born 6 November 1907. Died May 1974 in Indiana.

August Heinrich Baalke died 22 October 1932 at Chicago, Illinois.

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