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Family Group Sheet
Father: Johann Caspar Körber
Born 1693 at Reichenbach, Anspach
Married about 1713 in Germany.
Came to America in 1733 aboard the Samuel, landing at Philadelphia 17 August.
Died 1758 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Mother: Anna Walpurga -----
#1: Maria Körber
Born 1714.
#2: Anna Eva Körber
Born 1717.
Married, January 1741 in York County, Pennsylvania, George Mattheis Weller.
Died 1785.
#3: Anna Barbara Körber
Born 1723.
Married George Meyer.
#4: Anna Elisabeth Körber
Born 1727.
Married, 1749 in York County, Pennsylvania, Marcus Höhns, son of Johann Philip Höhns and Susanna Heintz.
Died 1804.
#5: Eva Barbara Körber
Born 27 July 1729 in Anspach.
Married, 1749 in York County, Pennsylvania, Johann Martin Ebert, son of Hans Michael Ebert.
Died 27 October 1800 at Friedberg, North Carolina.
#6: Anna Walpurga Körber
Born 1734 in Pennsylvania.
Married, 1750 in York County, Pennsylvania, Peter Pfaff.
Died 1774 in North Carolina.
#7: Johann Caspar Körber
Born 1737 in Pennsylvania.
Married Maria Magdalena -----.

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