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Family Group Sheet
Father: George Mattheis Weller
Born 1709 at Hegenau, WÜrttemberg.
Married January 1741 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Died 1780 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Mother: Anna Eva Körber
Born 1717
Daughter of Johann Caspar Körber and Anna Walpurga -----.
Died 1785.
#1: Maria Magdalena Weller
Born 1742 in Pennsylvania.
Married Johann Adam Binkley, son of Peter Binckele and Anna Marie Werle.
Died 1826.
#2: John George Weller
Born 1744 in Pennsylvania.
#3: Maria Barbara Weller
Born 1747 in Pennsylvania.
#4: Eva Elisabeth Weller
Born 1749 in Pennsylvania.
Married Philip Rothrock, son of Philip Jacob Rothrock and Catharina Kuntz.
Died 1839.
#5: Martin Weller
Born 1751 in Pennsylvania.
Died 1788.
#6: Jacob Weller
Born 1754 in Pennsylvania.
Died 1761.
#7: Sabina Weller
Born 1756 in Pennsylvania.
#8: Johannes Weller
Born 1759 in Pennsylvania.

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