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Family Group Sheet
Father: Marcus Höhns
Born near Zweibrücken, Pfalz.
Son of Johann Philip Höhns and Susanna Heintz.
Came to America with his family aboard the Glasgow in 1738.
Married 1749 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Joined the Unity of Brethren (Moravian Church) in 1752.
Moved to North Carolina in 1774.
Died 1798 in North Carolina.
Mother: Anna Elisabeth Körber
Born 1727 in Anspach.
Daughter of Johann Caspar Körber and Anna Walpurga -----.
Died 1804 in North Carolina.
#1: Anna Eva Höhns
Born 1749 in Pennsylvania.
Married Johann Jacob Beroth, son of Franz Ludwig Beroth and Susanna Reuter.
Died 1773.
#2: John Höhns
Born born 1750 in Pennsylvania.
Married Anna Maria Schor, daughter of Heinrich Schor and Barbara Miller.
Died 1822.
#3: Phillip Höhns
Born 1752 in Pennsylvania.
Married Johanna Salome Frey, daughter of Johann Peter Frey and Catharina Walk.
Died 1820.
#4: Catharina Höhns
Born 1754 in Pennsylvania.
Married, as his first wife, Heinrich Hauser, son of George Hauser and Anna Margaretha Elrod.
Heinrich Hauser m. 2nd Anna Maria Schemel.
Died 1818.
#5: Christina Höhns
Born 1756 in Pennsylvania.
Married George Friedrich Lagenauer, son of John George Lachenauer and Salome Kastner.
Died 1818.
#6: Johanna Höhns
Born 1761 in Pennsylvania.
Died 1762 in Pennsylvania.
#7: Rosina Höhns
Born 1758 in Pennsylvania.
Married Johannes Zimmerman, son of Johann Christian Zimmerman and Anna Catharina, widow Jensen (née Meyer).
Died 1825.
#8: Anna Maria Höhns
Born 1763 in Pennsylvania.
Died 1766 in Pennsylvania.
#9: Christian Heinrich Höhns
Born 1766 in Pennsylvania.
Married Anna Maria Frey, daughter of Johann George Frey and Anna Catharina Lerch.
His wife, Anna Maria Frey, was a first cousin of his brothers' wives Johanna Salome Frey and Susannah Frey.
Died 1843.
#10: Martin Höhns
Born 1769 in Pennsylvania.
Married Susannah Frey, daughter of Johann Peter Frey and Catharina Walk.
Died 1831.

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