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Family Group Sheet
Father: Peter Pfaff
Born 1727 at Kaiserslautern, Pfalz.
Came to America in 1749.
Married 1750 in York County, Pennsylvania.
Moved to North Carolina in 1771.
Died 1804 in North Carolina
Mother: Anna Walpurga Körber
Born 1734 in Pennslyvania.
Daughter of Johann Caspar Körber and Anna Walpurga -----.
Died 1774 in North Carolina.
#1: Isaac Pfaff
Born 1755 in Pennsylvania.
Married Maria Margaretha Volck, daughter of Andreas Volck and Maria Margaretha Romig.
Died 1832.
#2: Anna Barbara Pfaff
Born 1758 in Pennsylvania.
Married Wilhelm Grabs, son of Gottfried Grabs and Anna Maria Wolson.
Died 1816.
#3: Anna Maria Pfaff
Born 1762 in Pennsylvania.
Married Abraham Transou, son of John Phillip Transou and Maria Magdalena Ganther.
Died 1800.
#4: Samuel Pfaff
Born 1764 in Pennsylvania.
Married 1st Maria Lang.
Married 2nd Christina Leinbach, daughter of Benjamin Leinbach and Christina Volck.
#5: Joseph Pfaff
Born 1768 in Pennsylvania.
Married Anna Rosina Hege, daughter of Johann Balthazar Hege and Maria Juliana Frey.
Died 1815.
#6: Peter Pfaff
Born 1773 in North Carolina.
Married Anna Magdalena Conrad.
Died 1865.

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