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Family Group Sheet
Father: Guthridge ("Captain Gutch") Garland
Born 1814 or 1815.
Son of #20 Rev. Elisha Garland and Nancy Roberson.
He was 5'11" tall, with dark hair and eyes and a fair complexion.
Married his first cousin, Rebecca Garland, 1833, Burke County, North Carolina, with their uncle, Samuel Guthridge ("Gutch Junior") Garland, Justice of the Peace, officiating.
Mustered into service at Asheville, North Carolina in 1838 as Third Corporal of an independent company attached to Col. Lindley's Regiment of Georgia Volunteers. This company was one of those that escorted the Cherokee on the "Trail of Tears;" Guthridge Garland did not go farther than the Mississippi River.
Enlisted as a private in Company B, 3rd Regiment Tennessee Calvary (U.S.A) 17 May 1864 at Nashville, Tennessee.
Resigned as an enlisted man 14 September 1864 to accept a commission as 1st Lieutenant in Company E of the 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry (U.S.A.). Mustered out of service 8 August 1865.
Served as Circuit Court Clerk of Mitchell County, North Carolina, from 1868 to 1873.
Took the 1870 Census of Mitchell County, North Carolina. (On the census returns, he usually signed his name as "Gutaridge.")
Elected First Chairman of the County Court of Unicoi County, Tennessee, 1875.
Died in 1896.
Buried at Loafer's Glory, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
Known to his descendants as "Captain Gutch." There were hard feelings between the Garlands and their neighbors the Baileys, who were Confederate sympathizers. The Baileys were "thunderstruck" when Thomas Bailey married Captain Gutch's daugher Annie Eliza. The Bailey family referred to Captain Gutch as "Old Frog Gutch," reportedly a reference to his fondness for eating frog legs.
Mother: Rebecca Garland
Born 1816.
Daughter of John William Thomas Garland and Rebecca Garland.
Died 1907.
Buried at Loafer's Glory, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
#1: William Jefferson ("Jeff") Garland
Born 22 November 1836.
Married Martha Whitson.
Died 9 October 1887.
#2: Elisha M. Garland
Born 1838.
Died 1854.
#3: Anna Eliza Garland
Born 1839.
Married 1st Thomas Bailey, son of James Bailey and Elizabeth -----.
Married 2nd, 2 October 1865 in Mitchell County, North Carolina, her first cousin Joseph Emerson Garland, son of Rev. Julius S. Garland and Delitha L. Whitson.
Died 1928.
#4: John M. Garland
Born 1842.
Union soldier; died of illness at Gallatin, Tennessee.
Died 1864.
#5: Zachariah Taylor Garland
Born 1846.
Union soldier; killed in battle at Lick Creek, Tennessee.
Died 1864.
#6: Alexander Harrison Garland
Born 1849.
Married Julia Elizabeth Lyle.
Died 1926.
#7: Adams A. Garland
Born 1851.
Married his second cousin Minerva Jane Gouge, daughter of Joel Gouge and Minerva Phillips.
Died 1882.
#8: Champ Garland
Born 1853.
Suffered brain damage in an accident.
Died 1890.
#9: Mary Jane Garland
Born 1862.
Married Leonard Wilson Burleson.
Died 1918.

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