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Family Group Sheet
Father: William Jefferson ("Jeff") Garland
Born 22 November 1836.
Son of Guthridge ("Captain Gutch") Garland and Rebecca Garland.
Died 9 October 1887.
Mother: Martha Whitson
Born 1837.
#1: Mary Garland
Born 1862.
Married Bayless Crowe.
#2: Holden H. Garland
Born 1864-66.
Married Minnie Clay of Montezuma, North Carolina.
Died 1944.
#3: Anna Eliza Garland
Born 1864-66.
Married her second cousin, Augustus M. ("Gus") Gouge, son of Joseph Leonard Gouge and Cordelia Phebe Burleson.
Died 1937.
#4: Zachariah Madison ("Zack") Garland
Born 25 December 1867.
Married, 8 May 1892 at Bakersville, Mitchell County, North Carolina, his second cousin, Locky ("Tab") Gouge, daughter of Joseph Leonard Gouge and Cordelia Phebe Burleson.
Died 12:30 a.m., 3 August 1943 in Linville Township, Avery County, North Carolina.
#5: Dollie Garland
Married Will Lyle of Erwin, Tennessee.
#6: John Garland
Born 1875.
Married, 10 July 1912, Bertha Toney, daughter of William Christopher Toney.
#7: Julia Garland
Married her second cousin Charles Stewart, son of William R. Stewart and Locky C. Garland.
#8: Rebecca Garland
Born 1882.
Married Lon Sturgill.
#9: Jeff Garland
Died in infancy.
#10: Elisha Garland
Born 1886.
Married Rose Whitmer and moved to Manassas, Colorado.

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