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Family Group Sheet
Father: Rev. Elisha Garland
Born about 1788 in Carter County, Tennessee.
Son of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton.
Married 1809.
Died 1875.
Mother: Nancy Roberson
Born about 1793 in Virginia.
#1: Sarah ("Sallie") Garland
Born about 1812.
Married Joseph Bowman.
#2: Guthridge ("Captain Gutch") Garland
Born 1814 or 1815.
Married his first cousin, Rebecca Garland, daughter of John William Thomas Garland and Rebecca Stanley.
Died 1896.
#3: Rev. Julius Samuel Garland
Born about 1819.
Married 1st Delitha Whitson.
Married 2nd Susannah -----.
#4: Viann Garland
Born 1822.
Married Aaron Burleson, son of Simeon Burleson and Mary ("Polly") Ledford.
Died 1876.
#5: Hampton Christenberry Garland
Born 1825.
Married Jane Burleson, daughter of Simeon Burleson and Mary ("Polly") Ledford.
Died 1900.
#6: Nancy Garland
Born about 1822.
Married Jonathan Burleson, son of Simeon Burleson and Mary ("Polly") Ledford.
Died 1903, Vian Valley, North Carolina.
#7: Locky C. Garland
Born 1832.
Married William R. Stewart.
Died 1910.
#8: Thomas Garland
Born 1838.
Married Patsy Slagle, daughter of Jacob Slagle.
#9: John Calvin ("Cal") Garland
Born 1841.
Married Martha Bailey, née Chandler, widow of Charles M. Bailey and daughter of Melchizedek Chandler.
Died 1866.

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