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Ancestors of William Lee Gilley Jr.

Tenth Generation

560. Moses Honeycutt was born about 1765 in Virginia. He died about 1850 in Yancey County, North Carolina. Moses married Margaret Stout.

561. Margaret Stout was born 11 Sep 1765 in Orange County, North Carolina. She died about 1845 in Yancey County, North Carolina. [Parents]


964. John Church ""Yankee John"" was born about 1734. He died about 1806. "Yankee John" married Miss Stamper.

965. Miss Stamper.


966. James Andrews married Sarah.

967. Sarah.


968. John Church is printed as #964.

969. Miss Stamper is printed as #965.


970. James Craft married Sarah Hammon.

971. Sarah Hammon.


992. Michael Rominger was born 16 Mar 1709 in Winterlingen, Württemberg. He died 31 Aug 1803 in Friedland, North Carolina. Michael married Anna Katharina Anton on 26 Dec 1740 in Durlach, Baden. [Parents]

993. Anna Katharina Anton was born 22 Dec 1717 in Durlach, Baden. She died 7 Apr 1794 in Friedland, North Carolina.


994. Martin Seidlinger married Maria.

995. Maria.


996. Johann Martin Ebert was born 27 Oct 1727 in Unter-Anfrach, Ansbach, Bavaria. He died 29 Jan 1792 in Friedberg, North Carolina. Johann married Eva Barbara Körber on 1749 in Yorktown, Pennsylvania. [Parents]

997. Eva Barbara Körber was born 27 Jul 1729 in Teifenbach, Ansbach, Bavaria. She died 27 Oct 1800 in Friedberg, North Carolina. [Parents]


998. Adam Spach was born 20 Jan 1720 in Pfaffenhofen, Alsace. He died 23 Aug 1801 in Friedberg, North Carolina. Adam married Maria Elisabetha Hütter on 17 Dec 1752 in Monocacy, Maryland. [Parents]

999. Maria Elisabetha Hütter "Elisabeth" was born 1 Apr 1731 in Hüffenhardt, Württemberg and was christened 1 Apr 1731 in Hüffenhardt, Württemberg. She died 26 Oct 1799 in Friedberg, North Carolina. [Parents]


1008. David Hicks "David the Tory" was born about 1719 in Goochland County, Virginia. He died 1792 or 1793 in Wilkes County. [Parents]


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