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Descendants of Hans Adam Spach

Fifth Generation


215. Ernestine Eleanor Spach (David Charles , Jacob , Adam , Hans Adam ) was born 1835. She died 1858.

Ernestine married William Nading. William was born 1826. He died 1911.

They had the following children:

  319 M i Granville Adolphus Nading was born 1858. He died 1936.
        Granville married (1) Victoria Lillian Hicks. Victoria was born 1858. She died 1938.
        Granville also married (2) Louise Hensley Clarke. Louise was born 1884. She died 1981.

237. Susanna Regina Spach (Daniel , Jacob , Adam , Hans Adam ) was born 1831. She died 1898.

Susanna married (1) Christian Fishel, son of George Fishel and Anna Catharina Miller.

She had the following children:

  320 M i Samuel Wesley Fishel was born 1872. He died 1940.
        Samuel married Emma Moorefield. Emma was born about 1859. She died 1934.
  321 F ii Augusta Fishel was born 1868. She died 1949.
        Augusta married Benjamin Francis Tesh, son of Solomon Tesh and Phoebe Malvinia Perryman. Benjamin was born 1859. He died 1917.
  322 F iii Elizabeth Fishel

247. Jennet Elisabeth Spach (Joseph , Johann Joseph , Adam , Hans Adam ) was born 1826. She died 1860.

Jennet married William Ackerman, son of Johannes Ackerman and Anna Johanna Spach.

They had the following children:

  323 M i James Theodore Ackerman is printed as #281.
  324 F ii Alice Ackerman is printed as #282.
  325 M iii John Ackerman is printed as #283.

253. Sarah Caroline Spach (Heinrich , Johann Joseph , Adam , Hans Adam ) was born 1829.

Sarah married John F. Doub, son of Joseph Doub and Susannah Reynolds. John was born 1829. He died 1916.

They had the following children:

  326 M i Oliver Doub was born 1857. He died 1930.
  327 F ii Harmenia Bell Doub
        Harmenia married Irvin Doub, son of Daniel Doub and Elizabeth Petree. Irvin was born 1856. He died 1932.
  328 F iii Ellie Doub was born 1861. She died 1928.
        Ellie married Eugene Tise.
  329 M iv Fletcher Doub was born 1864. He died 1919.
        Fletcher married Martha Long.
  330 F v Lillie Doub was born 1868.
        Lillie married James Craft.
  331 F vi Lucinda Doub was born 1870. She died 1939.
        Lucinda married Russel Reynolds.
  332 F vii Anna Doub was born 1877.
        Anna married Thomas Sprinkle.
  333 M viii Joseph Doub was born 1873. He died 1955.
        Joseph married (1) Bessie Masencup.
        Joseph also married (2) Lora Jane Tise. Lora was born 1879. She died 1946.

261. Trudel Lisette (Gertrude) Nading (Anna Johanna Spach , Johann Joseph , Adam , Hans Adam ) was born 1832.

Trudel married Rev. Alfred L. Swaim. Alfred was born 1834. He died 1908.

They had the following children:

  334 F i Anna G. Swaim was born 1860.
  335 F ii Biddy Swaim was born 1861.
  336 M iii Felix M. Swaim was born 1863. He died 1932.
        Felix married Roberta (Bertie) Martin. Roberta was born 1865.
  337 F iv Addie Swaim was born 1866.
        Addie married Charles H. Swaim. Charles was born 1865.
  338 M v Joseph Swaim was born 1870.
  339 F vi Mary Swaim was born 1874.
        Mary married Eli Swaim. Eli was born 1866.

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