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Family Group Sheet
Father: Hodge Rayburn Garland
Born 10 June 1810.
Son of David Garland and Sarah Garland.
Named for Hodge Rayburn, a prominent local politician who was at one time sheriff of Burke County.
Married about 1841.
Served as a private in Company B, 58th North Carolina Infantry (C.S.A.). Enlisted at Rock Creek, Mitchell County, North Carolina, 17 May 1862. Mustered in 16 June 1862 at Bakersville. He was 5'11" tall.
Died 30 January 1863 at Jacksboro, Tennessee. According to family tradition he died of "brain fever." According to family tradition, family members went to Tennessee to bring the body home, and on the return journey they were refused shelter by Union (Republican) sympathizers; for that reason, they became staunch Democrats.
First wife: Annie Byrd.
Mother: Nancy Baker
Born 27 March 1812.
Daughter of Thomas Baker and Susannah Wiseman. Thomas Baker was the son of David Baker, for whom Bakersville, North Carolina, was named.
Died 29 December 1878.
First husband: William McKinney.
#1: Lydia Garland
Born 19 January 1842.
Married John Yelton 25 April 1857 in Yancey County, North Carolina.
Died 6 March 1911.
#2: Clarissa Garland
Born about 1842.
Married [Mr.] Buchanan?
Died before 1875?
#3: Nancy Garland
Born 1844.
Married her second cousin, George Byrd, Jr., son of George ("Broke Leg") Byrd and Jane ("Jenny") Phillips.
Died November 1904.
#4: Susan Garland
Born 15 February 1846.
Married, 22 November 1868 in Mitchell County, North Carolina, Martin ("Mart") Parker.
Died 27 January 1939.
#5: Sarahfina Garland
Born 20 August 1850.
Married, about 1870, Charles Street.
Died 28 October 1892.
#6: David Garland
Born about 1850.
Died before 1860?
#7: Charles Wesley Garland
Born 9 October 1853.
Married, about 1876, Sarah Garland, daughter of William Garland and Elizabeth Buchanan.
#8: Martha C. Garland
Born about 1859.
Died before 1870?

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