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Family Group Sheet
Father: David Garland
Born 20 July 1779 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
Son of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton.
Married (his first cousin?) Sarah H. Garland.
Died 24 April 1861 in Mitchell County, North Carolina.

Mother: Sarah H. Garland
Born about 1780.
Daughter of Humphrey Garland and Elizabeth Blankenship.

#1: Bridget Garland
Born about 1799.
Married William Blevins.
Died about 1840.
#2: Guthridge ("Fishtrap Gutch") Garland
Born 1795.
Married Frances ("Fanny") McKinney.
Died 1866.
#3: Charles Garland
Born about 1801.
Married Rebecca Blevins.
Died 1886.
#4: Lydia Garland
Born 1806.
Married William Forbes.
#5: John Wesley Garland
Born 1808.
Married 1st Jane Horton.
Married 2nd Ann Poteat.
Died 1887.
#6: Hodge Rayburn Garland
Born 10 June 1810.
Married 1st Annie Byrd, daughter of Rev. Samuel Byrd.
Married 2nd Nancy McKinney, née Baker, widow of William McKinney and daughter of Thomas Baker and Susannah Wiseman.
Died 30 January 1863.
#7: Sarah Garland
Born about 1816.
Married Basil Deyton.
#8: Williamson Garland
Born 1820.
Married Jane O'Brian.

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