Hütter Family Documents

These are images of Hütter family records from the Kirchenbuch of the Evangelical Church of Hüffenhardt, Württemberg. I have great difficulty reading these records, and if you are able to make them out, please email me at pwrbarrett@aol.com.

Hütter Family Documents:

Baptism of Hanss Sebastian Hütter, 1691 (54 KB)

Death of Nicolaus Hütter, 1715 (44 KB)

Marriage of Sebastian Hütter & Eva (last name?), 1718 (44 KB)

Baptism of Maria Elisabetha Hütter, 1731 (86 KB)

Death of Johann Sebastian Hütter, 1734 (217 KB)

My ongoing attempt to decipher the death record of Johann Sebastian Hütter (135 KB)

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