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Ancestors of William Lee Gilley Jr.

Sixth Generation

34. Tom Miller married Martha Honeycutt.

35. Martha Honeycutt was born 17 May 1879. She died 3 Nov 1967 in Spruce Pine, North Carolina and was buried in Newdale Presbyterian Cemetery, Burnsville, North Carolina. [Parents]


56. Francis Biddix married Mary Dulse.

57. Mary Dulse was born 9 Jan 1844 in Missouri. She died 29 Apr 1929 in Grassy Creek Township, Mitchell County, North Carolina. [Parents]


58. John Williams married Leah.

59. Leah.


60. Silas Jackson McGuire "Jack" was born 11 May 1862 in North Carolina. He died 25 Nov 1909 in Rominger, Watauga County, North Carolina. Jack married Lydia Elmira Thomas on 18 Mar 1879. [Parents]

61. Lydia Elmira Thomas was born 31 Oct 1861 in Carter County, Tennessee. She died 17 Feb 1936 in Matney, Watauga County, North Carolina. [Parents]


62. Permana Rominger "Maney" was born 1865 in Rominger, Watauga County, North Carolina. He died 1903 in Rominger, Watauga County, North Carolina. Maney married Margaret E. Hicks. [Parents]

63. Margaret E. Hicks was born 1865 in Watauga County, North Carolina. She died about 1912. [Parents]


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