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Patrick's Family History Pages


Ahnentafel is just German for "table of ancestors." An ahnentafel is more like a list than a table, though. For a detailed explanation, see Vonda DeMerritt's page Ahnentafel:  An explanation and example.

Eventually, I hope to have seven ahnentafels on this site:

  • Ahnentafel of Patrick William Richard Barrett.

  • Ahnentafel of Aaron Biddix.

  • Ahnentafel of Frank Garland.

  • Ahnentafel of William Lee Gilley, Jr.

  • Ahnentafel of Howard Ray Hyder.

  • Ahnentafel of Thomas Christopher Mitchell.

  • Ahnentafel of Jamie Martina Morris.

    Some of my other kin also have ahnentafels online:

  • Ahnentafel of Mary Floy Schulz Katzman (my 3rd cousin twice removed). No longer available.

  • Ancestors of Karen Marie Starr. (my 6th cousin; also my 7th cousin).

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