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Aunt Tab Garland
(1873 - 1947)
Locky Garland
(1873-1947) Locky ("Tab") Gouge was my grandfather's sister. She was born 18 January 1873 in Mitchell County, North Carolina. She married Zachariah Madison ("Zack") Garland at Bakersville 8 May 1892. They didn't have any biological children, but they brought up Adams Garland and Maxine Hopson. Aunt Tab adopted Maxine in about 1924, and Maxine later married my grandmother's brother. So I had one grandaunt (by marriage) who was the (adoptive) daughter of another grandaunt. Aunt Tab was by most accounts a rather difficult woman, but she was affectionate toward my Uncle Zack (named for her husband) and my mother. She died 17 April 1947 and was buried in the Gouge-Garland cemetery at Toecane, North Carolina.

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