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Newspaper Article:

Oscar Baalke

[Oscar Baalke was my great-granduncle.]

The Sheboygan Press, undated clipping.

Sheboygan Marine Honored
After 30 Years in Service

Marine Barracks, Parris Island, S. C. -- Retiring from the marine corps after more than thirty years' service, Marine Master Technical Sergeant Oscar Baalke, of 1522 N. 11th street, Sheboygan, Wis., was honored with a formal review here recently.

After receiving his retirement papers from Lieut. Col. Wendell H. Duplantis, executive officer of recruit depot, Master Technical Sergeant Baalke reviewed recruit battalions on the parade ground.

He planned to return to Sheboygan.

Sergeant Baalke began his military career with the army in 1914. He served seven years and trained army recruits during World War I.

In 1922, he joined the Marine corps and in ensuing years served at many domestic and foreign ports, including eight years in China and two in Guam.

He was at Pearl Harbor with the first defense battalion when the Japs made their sneak attack.

After two months in the states he went to the Pacific again in March 1944 with an armored amphibious battalion and remained until August 1945. He has been in charge of a recruit mess hall since being assigned to this post.

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