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Newspaper Article:

John C. Weiner

[This is my second cousin once removed.]

Source unknown, clipping dated 20 October 1943.

Son Missing
In the Navy,
Parents Told

The navy department has informed Mr. & Mrs. John H. Wiener, 732 Water street, that their son, John C. Wiener, storekeeper, third class, is "missing following action in the performance of his duty and service to his country."

The young man, 19 years old next week, is a graduate of the Merrill High school and enlisted in the navy in April, 1942. He attended the P. J. Jacobs High school here for a brief period in his sophomore year when his father was working here. The family resided in Madison at that time. Mr. Wiener is employed by the Wisconsin Telephone company.

The missing youth had been serving in the Mediterranean area. After receiving his boot training at Great Lakes, Ill., he was stationed at Northwestern university, Evanston, Ill., then at the Philadelphia naval yard, and subsequently was at the naval air base in Bermuda. He took part in the invasion of Africe, with the landing craft infantry. After that he was transferred and served aboard a minesweeper, taking part in the invasion of Sicily. He was returned to his base in Africa from the Sicilian invasion and wrote his parents that he was being sent on other duties.

Mr. and Mrs. Wiener have had no word from their son since August 26. He has a sister, Patricia, and a brother, Richard. The family moved to Stevens Point August 1, 1942.

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