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Bible Records:

Rev. John Thomas McGuire

[Rev. John Thomas McGuire was my great-grandfather. These records were copied with the kind permission of my first cousin once removed, Martha Cooke (née McGuire). All bracketed comments are mine.]

This is to certify that
J.T. McGuire, of Avery Co., and Cornelia Green, of Avery Co.,
were married at Montezuma, on April 17, 1925

Jack and Lydia McGuire married Mar. 18, 1879
Jack b. May 11, 1862
Lydia b Oct. 31, 1861


[Here he lists his parents' children, by their initials.]

N.R. January 22, 1881 [I.e., Nancy Rowena McGuire]

W.R. Mar. 18, 1883 [I.e., William Richard McGuire]

J.T.M. June 10, 1886 [I.e., John Thomas McGuire]

M.C. April 13, 1892 [I.e., Millard C. McGuire]

L.M. May 26, 1895 [I.e., Elmira Matilda McGuire]

M.L. Sep 28, 1898 [I.e., Mary L. McGuire]

J.M. Feb 28, 1889 [I.e., James Monroe McGuire. The date is disputed by Uncle Jim's children, who say he was born in 1888.]

Edna McGuire
was born March 29 1907
departed this life Feb. the 3: 1958

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