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Lazarus Phillips was born in 1789 in North Carolina. He married Jane ("Jenny") Garland, daughter of Gutridge Garland and Bridget Hampton. Jenny was born about 1791. Lazarus' will was written 28 June 1864 and probated in Mitchell County, North Carolina, in the June term 1868. Lazarus and Jenny are buried at the Garland Cemetery on Tipton Hill Road. Issue:

I. Wiley Phillips, born 1809-10; died 1896. Married Flora McKinney. Moved to Logan County, West Virginia about 1845.

A. Rev. William G. Phillips (1836-1906). Married Rebecca Short, daughter of "Old Billy" Short.

II. Minerva ("Nervie") Phillips. Born 10 October 1811. Died 3 May 1892; buried at the Gouge Cemetery on Highway 261 at Cub Creek. Married, ca. 1832, probably as his 2nd wife, Joel Gouge, son of John Gouge and Elizabeth Hoppes.

III. William Phillips.

IV. Jane ("Jenny") Phillips. Born 26 July 1814. Died in 1856. Married, 16 January 1834, George ("Broke Leg") Byrd, son of William K. Byrd and Elizabeth Williams. Broke Leg Byrd married 2nd Elizabeth Honeycutt, widow of Uriah Honeycutt and daughter of Elisha Honeycutt and Cecelia Hampton, and had further issue, Mary ("Polly") Byrd, who married Franklin Farrar. Broke Leg Byrd married 3rd Mary Clark and had further issue, several children.

A. William P. ("Tom") Byrd. Married Levina Burleson.

B. Lazarus ("Lace") Byrd. Married Jocester Stewart.

C. Charles C. ("Civil War Charlie") Byrd. Married Sarah Eliza Griffith.

D. Samuel Carson ("Cass") Byrd. Married Martha Aldridge.

E. Mitchell T. Byrd. Married Rebecca Barnett.

F. George Byrd, Jr. Married 1st Nancy Garland. Married 2nd Rebecca Garland.

G. Elizabeth Jane Byrd. Married Sevier Whitson.

H. Hutson Byrd. Married Margaret Hall.

I. Blake Byrd. Married Caroline Clarke.

J. James Byrd. Married 1st Sabra -----. Married 2nd Harriet Ellis.

V. Samuel Carson ("Cass") Phillips. Born ca. 1818. Died ca. 1888. Buried at the Phillips Cemetery at Red Hill, Mitchell County, North Carolina. Married Sarah Gouge.

A. Flora Jane Phillips. Died young.

B. Minerva Phillips. Married Bedford Lingerfelt.

C. Thomas Phillips Married Eliza -----.

D. Milton Phillips. Married Mary -----.

E. ----- Phillips. Married Joseph Garland.

F. Myra Phillips. Married B. Fletcher Garland.

VI. Winny Phillips. Married ----- Thompson.

VII. Blake Phillips. Born 24 May 1822. Died 15 March 1896. Married Delilah Garland, daughter of John William Garland and Rebecca Stanley.

A. Christenberry S. Phillips.

B. Gutridge Lazarus Phillips. Married 1st Emma Parsons. Married 2nd Lucy J. Carey.

C. Lazarus Henderson Phillips. Married Jane Scoggins.

D. Minerva Phillips. Married William Wiseman.

E. Winney Phillips.

F. Letty Phillips. Married Isaac Litterel.

VIII. Delila Phillips. Born 27 April 1825. Died 1865. Married, as his 2nd wife, Elijah Martin Parker. (Elijah Martin Parker married 1st Letty Grayson.)

A. Minerva Parker.

B. Carson Parker. Married Catherine Phillips.

C. Len Parker.

D. Winney Parker. Married Thomas J. Howell.

E. Eliza Parker.

F. Cordelia Parker.

G. Lazarus Parker. Married Polly Garland.

IX. Keziah Catherine Phillips. Born 14 November 1829. Died 9 August 1902; buried at the Woody Cemetery at Pleasant Grove, Yancey County, North Carolina. Married Green B. Woody, natural son of Sarah Woody and Greenberry Silver.

X. Lazarus P. Phillips, Jr. Born 1834. Died 14 December 1917. Buried at the Phillips Cemetery. Fought in Company C, 9th Pennsylvania Regiment. Married, 8 May 1866, Ann Keith, daughter of Alfred F. Keith and Emaline Bridget Garland.

A. Dee Phillips.

B. Warfield Phillips.

C. Ellen J. Phillips.

XI. Telitha Caroline Phillips. Born about 1836. Died 18 November 1916. Married 1st William Baker. Married 2nd, 6 March 1871, William A. Adkins, son of Stephen Adkins.

A. Lazarus Baker.

B. Mary Baker.

C. Lazarus Adkins.

D. Cleopatra Adkins. Married Moses Laws.

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