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Family Group Sheet
Father: Captain Moses Young.
Born 23 December 1824.
Son of Reuben Young and Mary(?) Burleson, a daughter of Simeon Burleson and Mary Ledford. (Reuben Young's first wife was a daughter of Simeon Burleson; her first name is not established.)
Married about 1842.
Appointed Justice of the Peace for the Cane Creek District, Mitchell County, North Carolina, 1861.
Appointed Chairman of the Mitchell County Board of Common Schools, 1861.
Swore an oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America, September 1861.
Commissioned Captain of the 99th Militia Regiment, Cane Creek Co. D, 24th Brigade, 30 October 1861.
Served as a corporal in Co. K, 58th Regiment North Carolina troops (C.S.A.) from June 1862 to May 1865.
Appointed Trustee of Public Buildings, Mitchell County, North Carlina, July 1866.
Elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives, 1874.
Died 16 January 1906.
Buried at Roan Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery near Bakersville, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
Mother: Elizabeth Gouge.
Born 3 April 1823.
Daughter of John Gouge and Susannah Sparks.
Died 27 December 1903.
Buried at Roan Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery near Bakersville, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
#1: Reuben M. Young
Born 23 September 1843.
Married, 25 December 1862, Sarah Ann Burleson, daughter of Aaron Burleson and Viann Garland.
Died 9 August 1917
#2: Mary J. ("Polly") Young.
Born 17 June 1845.
Married 1st, 30 March 1864 in Mitchell County, North Carolina, Henry Norman, son of Wilburn Norman and Sarah -----.
Married 2nd, Waitstel McKinney, son of Charles McKinney (Jr.) and Betsy Washburn.
Died 9 July 1915.
#3: Susannah C. Young
Born 3 August 1847.
Married, 3 March 1867, Johnson S. McKinney, son of Reuben McKinney and Frances Mosley.
Died 21 September 1899.
#4: John C. Young
Born 15 August 1849.
Married, 13 December 1866, Jane Norman, daughter of Wilburn Norman and Susan -----.
Died 24 April 1900.
#5: Margaret S. Young
Born 18 December 1851.
Married, 25 August 1869, Elam Wiseman, son of Josiah Wiseman and Polly Gilbert.
Died 8 January 1888.
#6: Milton B. Young
Born 9 October 1854.
Married, 7 December 1871, his second cousin Jemima Gouge, daughter of Lazarus Gouge and Elizabeth Burleson.
Died 15 December 1894 of tuberculosis.
#7: Sarah Cordelia Young
Born 25 May 1857.
Married, 29 June 1885, John S. Wilson.
Died 26 February 1896.
#8: James E. Young
Born 9 July 1858.
Married, 26 January 1876, Jessie Emma Prestwood, daughter of Sidney Prestwood and Cecelia Briggs.
Died 15 August 1910.
#9: Harriet E. ("Hattie") Young
Born 24 November 1861.
Married, ca. 1884, John Zebulon Singleton, son of Samuel Singleton and Cynthia Burleson.
Died in the 1940s.
#10: Emma Young
Born 30 October 1865.
Married, 14 December 1887, Reuben M. Wilson, son of William J. Wilson and Susan McKinney.
Died 21 September 1926.

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