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Family Group Sheet
Father: Stephen Joseph Garland
Born 13 April 1803 [some researchers say 1793] in the Limestone Cove area of what is now Unicoi County, Tennessee.
Son of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton.
Died 6 June 1875 on Iron Mountain. (Killed when a large tree fell on him while he was cutting timber.)
Buried at the Garland-Phillips Cemetery, Red Hill, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
First wife: Elizabeth ("Betsy") McKinney.
Mother: Elizabeth ("Betsy") Forbes
Born 11 April 1824.
Daughter of John Forbes of Carter County, Tennessee.
#1: David Garland.
Born 1849.
Married 1st Millie Hall.
Married 2nd Jane Barnett.
#2: Emilia ("Millie") Garland
Born 1850.
Married Ben Mosley.
#3: Wesley Garland
Born 1853.
Married Jane Burchfield.
Died 1912.
#4: Stacey Garland
Born 1854.
Married Matthew Ledford.
#5: Sewell Garland
Married Mary ("Polly") Hill.
#6: Rickles Garland
Born 1858.
Married 1st Cindy Frazier.
Married 2nd Milda Hughes.
#7: Nathaniel Garland
Born 1859.
Married Celia Hopson.
#8: Bridget Garland
Born 1860.
Married Charles Ingram.
#9: William Garland
Born 1864.
Married 1st Lisa Campbell.
Married 2ndt Caroline Garland.

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