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Family Group Sheet
Father: Swinfield Stanley
Born 1798.
Son of Rickles Stanley and Olivia Howell
Died 1865.
Mother: Isabella Bridget Emma ("Bidda") Garland
Born 1797 in Carter County, Tennessee.
Daughter of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton
Died 1870.
#1: Delilah Stanley
Born 1819.
Married George Hopson.
#2: Sally Stanley
Born 1821.
Married Thomas Gardener.
#3: Bridget Emaline Stanley.
Born 1822.
Married Malcolm McCourry Burleson.
Died 1900.
#4: Olivia Jane Stanley
Born 1824.
Married Joseph Alexander Hopson, Sr.
#5: Nancy Stanley
Born 1826.
Married Ezekiel Garland.
Died 1917.
#6: Dorothy Stanley
Born 1828.
Married Nathan Renfro.
#7: Elizabeth Stanley
Born 1830.
Married John Garland.
#7: Clarissa Stanley
Born 1834.
Married Calvin Garland.
#7: Rhuhama Stanley
Born 1842.
Married Charles Garland.

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