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Family Group Sheet
Father: Samuel Guthridge ("Gutch Junior") Garland
Born about 1792.
Son of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton.
Died 1873.
Mother: Mary Alice ("Polly") Stanley
Born 1803.
Daughter of Rickles Stanley and Olivia Howell.
Died 1899.
#1: Ezekiel Garland
Born about 1815.
Married Caroline ("Polly") Hickey.
(This according to Margaret Garland Timbs. Billy D. Garland has Ezekiel Garland married to Adaline (Garland?) and Caroline ("Polly") Hickey as the first wife of his brother, Rickles E. Garland.)
#2: Rickles E. Garland
Born 8 June 1819.
Married Sarah E. Bailey. (Some researchers say Sarah Mores.)
Died 23 June 1887.
#3: Stacy Garland
Born about 1822.
Married Goss James Gross.
#4: Elisha Marsh Garland
Born 4 June 1823.
Married Mary Elizabeth Jamison.
Died 1899.
#5: Linda Caroline Garland
Born about 1825-26.
Married Elbert Falls.
#6: John Charles Garland
Born about 1827.
#7: Margaret Julian Garland
Born about 1829.
Married George Dockery.
#8: Bridget C. Garland
Born about 1831.
Married Willard Levi Crawford.
Died 1906.
#9: Matilda Fannie ("Tid") Garland
Born about 1841.
Married James Hardin Davis.
#10: Mary Elender Garland
Born about 1843.
Married James Gilbert Falls.
#11: Sarah Malinda Garland
Born about 1844.
Married John M. Bailey, son of Ansel Bailey and Ruth Tipton.
Died 16 April 1867.
#12: Phoebe Amanda Garland
Born 8 June 1846.
Married, 30 July 1864 in Fannin County, Georgia, Elisha Stanley, son of Rickles Stanley and Jane Hughes.
Died 22 August 1938.
#13: Rebecca Elmira Garland
Born about 1847.
Married John Davis.

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