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Family Group Sheet
Father: Humphrey Garland
Born 1748 or 1749 in North Carolina. (According to his Revolutionary War pension file, he was born in 1732.)
Married 11 February 1780 in Warren County, North Carolina.
Died after 1834.

Mother: Elizabeth Blankenship

#1: Sarah Garland
Born about 1780.
Married (her first cousin?) David Garland, son of Guthridge ("Old Gutch") Garland and Bridget Hampton.
#2: John Garland

#3: Martha ("Patsy") Garland
Born about 1789.
Married Richard Colyer and moved to Kentucky.
Living in 1842.
#4: Daniel Garland
Born about 1791.
Married and moved to Georgia.
Died 26 May 1845
Buried at the Garland Cemetery, Macon County, North Carolina, east of Highway 441 at the Georgia state line.
#5: Jesse Garland
Born about 1794.
Married and moved to Kentucky, then to Missouri.
His son, Daniel Garland, went to Oregon by wagon train with the family of his future wife, Emily Bridgefarmer.

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