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Family Group Sheet
Father: Hans Jerg Rominger.
Born 21 October 1680 at Schwarzwaldkreis, Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Son of Jerg Rominger and Anna Baumann.
Married 7 February 1708 at Schwarzwaldkreis, Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Mother: Elisabeth Odelin.
Born 22 November 1685 in Germany.
Daughter of Michael Odelin and Anna Bihler.
#1: Michael Rominger.
Born 16 March 1709 at Schwarzwaldkreis, Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Married, 26 December 1740 at Hohenwettersbach, Durlach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Anna Katharina Anton.
Died 31 August 1803 at Friedland, North Carolina.
Buried at Friedland Moravian Church Cemetery, Friedland, North Carolina.
#2: Johannes Rominger.
Born 3 April 1711 at Winterlingen, Württemberg.
#3: Mathias Rominger.
Born 5 March 1713 at Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Married, 12 February 1732, Anna Maria Keinath.
#4: David Rominger.
Born 27 September 1716 at Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Married 1st in 1741. (Wife's name unknown)
Married 2nd, 1752, Catharina Barbara (last name unknown).
Died 3 April 1777 at Bethabara, North Carolina.
Buried at Bethabara Moravian Church Cemetery, Bethabara, North Carolina.
#5: Jakob Rominger.
Born 27 February 1719 at Winterlingen, Württemberg.
#6: Philipp Rominger.
Born 7 March 1721 at Winterlingen, Württemberg.
Married and had issue.
Died 1762.
Buried at Boston, Massachusetts.

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