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Family Group Sheet
Father: Lazarus Phillips.
Born 1781.
Died October 1866 in Mitchell County, North Carolina.
Mother: Jane ("Jenny") Garland
Born 1780 in Carter County, Tennessee.
Daughter of Gutridge Garland and Bridget Hampton.
Died 1855 in Yancey County, North Carolina.
#1: Wiley Phillips.
Born about 1810.
Married Flora McKinney.
Died 1896 in Logan County, West Virginia.
#2: Minerva Phillips.
Born 10 October 1811 in Burke County, North Carolina.
Married Joel Gouge, son of John Gouge and Elizabeth Hoppes.
Died 3 May 1892 in Mitchell County, North Carolina.
#3: William Phillips.
Born about 1818 in Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee.
Married Delia -----.
#4: Jane Phillips.
Born 26 July 1814.
Married George ("Broke Leg") Byrd.
Died 1856.
#5: Samuel Carson Phillips.
Born about 1818.
Married Sarah Gouge.
Died 27 September 1888.
#6: Winney Phillips.
Married [Mr.] Thompson.
#7: Blake Phillips.
Born about 1822.
Married Delilah Garland.
#8: Delilah Phillips.
Born about 1825 in Rutherford County, North Carolina.
Married Elijah Martin Parker.
Died about 1860 in North Carolina.
#9: Catherine ("Keziah") Phillips.
Born about 1828.
Married Green B. Woody.
Died 9 August 1902.
#10: Lazarus P. Phillips.
Born 1834.
Married, 8 May 1866, Elezann Keith.
Died 14 December 1918.
#11: Caroline Phillips.
Born 23 February 1834.
Married 1st William Baker.
Married 2nd William A. Adkins.
Died 8 November 1916.

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