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Descendants of Hans Michael Ebert


Martin Ebert

Excerpt from "A brief history of the first Eberts who came to North Carolina
as found recorded in the Archives of the Moravian Church."

by Raymond E. ("Red") Ebert

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War Martin Ebert made many pleas for the exemption of his sons from the draft. John George had been sickly from birth and Martin, Jr. was so badly needed to help with the farm work. The exemption fee was four dollars, which their father gladly paid. They were also exempted, as were many others, due to the fact that they were members of the Unity of the Brethren.

Along about this time, Martin Ebert, Jr., expressed his desire to marry Johanna Catharina Hartmann. Since she was not a member of the Unity, Church Council was called and the desires of the couple were made known. They could not be married in the church by the pastor due to these circumstances, so were married on February 21, 1775, at the Ebert home by the Justice of the Peace, Bonn. The church was very strict concerning marriages. Soon after the marriage, Johanna proved herself worthy and was received into the Friedberg congregation. All the children of Martin Jr. and Johanna were baptized in infancy. Their children were: John Martin, John George, Catharina, Johan, Christian, Elizabeth, Daniel, Jacob, Christina, Maria, David, and Phillip.