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Descendants of Simeon Burleson

Second Generation

2. Mary Burleson (Simeon ) was born about 1806. She died before 1830.

Mary married Reuben Young, son of Moses Young.

They had the following children:

  14 M i Greenberry Young
  15 M ii Moses Young
  16 F iii Mary Young

3. Elizabeth Burleson (Simeon )

Elizabeth married Jesse R. Black.

They had the following children:

  17 M i James Black
        James married Nancy Burleson.

4. Frederick Burleson (Simeon ) was born about 1809.

Frederick married Jane Rector "Jenny".

They had the following children:

  18 F i Mary Burleson
  19 F ii Martha Burleson
  20 M iii Simeon Burleson
  21 F iv Rachel Burleson
  22 F v John Burleson
  23 F vi Nancy Burleson
  24 F vii Elizabeth Burleson
  25 F viii Vianna Burleson
  26 F ix Phoebe Burleson
  27 F x Amanda Burleson
  28 F xi Euphronia Burleson

5. Nancy Burleson (Simeon ) was born about 1810. She died after 1880.

Nancy married Jacob B. Slagle.

They had the following children:

  29 M i John Slagle
  30 F ii Susan Slagle
  31 M iii Simeon Slagle
  32 F iv Martha Slagle
  33 M v William Slagle
  34 M vi Malcolm Slagle
  35 F vii Elizabeth Slagle
  36 F viii Clarissa Slagle
  37 F ix Margaret Slagle

6. Rachel Burleson (Simeon ) was born 1813.

Rachel married (1) James Gage.

They had the following children:

  38 F i Nancy Gage
        Nancy married Sidney Young.
  39 M ii Aaron Gage
        Aaron married Sarah Young.

Rachel also married (2) Wilson McKinney.

They had the following children:

  40 M iii Reuben McKinney
        Reuben married Minerva Baker.
  41 F iv Jane McKinney
        Jane married James Davis.
  42 M v Thomas McKinney
        Thomas married Mary Vandalia Young.
  43 M vi Isaac W. McKinney
        Isaac married Elizabeth Young.
  44 F vii Evelyn McKinney
        Evelyn married Henderson Johnson.

8. Thomas Burleson (Simeon ) was born 1816. He died 1866 in Washington County, Tennessee.

Thomas married Susannah Hannah Masters, daughter of Henry Masters Jr. and Susan Hannah Bowman, on 22 May 1839.

They had the following children:

  45 M i Henry Burleson
        Henry married Sarah Rector.
  46 F ii Vianna Burleson
        Vianna married Mr. Byrd.
  47 M iii Butler Burleson
        Butler married Elizabeth Bell.
  48 M iv Jefferson Burleson
        Jefferson married Sarah Ann Bell.
  49 M v Greenberry Washington Burleson
  50 M vi Landon Carter Burleson
        Landon married Elizabeth Bryant.
  51 M vii Lewis Markwood Burleson
        Lewis married Sophia Stern.
  52 M viii Dempsey Dolphus Burleson
        Dempsey married Amanda Van Laningham.
  53 F ix Mary Hannah Burleson
        Mary married Mr. Garland.
  54 F x Sarah Rhoda Jane Burleson
        Sarah married James P. Elliott.

9. Martha Burleson "Patsy" (Simeon ) was born about 1819.

Patsy married Isaac C. Wilson.

They had the following children:

  55 M i William C. Wilson
  56 F ii Evelyn Wilson
  57 F iii Sophronia Wilson
  58 F iv Missouri Wilson
  59 M v James N. B. Wilson

10. Jonathan Burleson (Simeon ) was born about 1822.

Jonathan married Nancy Garland, daughter of Rev. Elisha Garland and Nancy Roberson. Nancy was born about 1825.

They had the following children:

  60 F i Mary Ann Burleson was born about 1845.
+ 61 F ii Cordelia Phebe Burleson
+ 62 M iii Elbert S. Burleson
  63 M iv Elisha W. Burleson was born about 1851.
  64 F v Harriet L. Burleson was born about 1853.
  65 M vi John Calvin Burleson was born 1859. He died Jan 1948 and was buried in Burleson Cemetery, Loafer's Glory, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
        John married Malissa Gouge, daughter of Lazarus Gouge and Elizabeth Burleson. Malissa was born about 1868 in Rock Creek, Mitchell County, North Carolina. She died Aug 1949 and was buried in Burleson Cemetery, Loafer's Glory, Mitchell County, North Carolina.
  66 F vii Milly Burleson was born about 1862.

11. Malcolm McCourry Burleson "Mack" (Simeon ) was born 1824. He died 1904.

Mack married Bridget Emaline Stanley. Bridget was born 1822. She died 1890.

They had the following children:

  67 M i Isaac Oliver Burleson
        Isaac married Phoebe Tucker.
  68 F ii Almeda Jane Burleson
        Almeda married Joseph Tucker.
  69 F iii Daisy Burleson
        Daisy married Christopher Slagle.
  70 M iv Greenberry Washington Burleson
        Greenberry married Jane Bell.
  71 F v Margaret Louisa Burleson

12. Jane Burleson (Simeon ) was born 1827.

Jane married Hampton Christenberry Garland, son of Rev. Elisha Garland and Nancy Roberson. Hampton was born 1825. He died 1900.

They had the following children:

  72 M i Elisha L. Garland
  73 F ii Martha Garland
        Martha married Mr. Johnson.
  74 M iii Jonathan Garland
  75 M iv J. Pearce Garland
        J. Pearce Garland married Jane Gouge.
  76 F v Mary Garland
  77 F vi Nancy Garland
        Nancy married J. H. Morgan.
  78 F vii Sarah Garland
  79 F viii Lilly Garland
  80 F ix Locky Garland
        Locky married Mr. Greene.
  81 F x Phoebe Garland

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