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Bible Records:

Locky ("Tab") Garland, née Gouge)

[Tab Garland was my grandaunt. These records were copied with the kind permission of my aunt, Laura Mae Hyder (née Gouge). All bracketed comments are mine.]

Phebe Gouge wase Borned June the 5 1846
Guss Gouge wase Borned July 27 1867
Hatie Gouge was Borned March 22 1869
Bulow Gouge wase Borned March 12 1871
Locky Gouge wase Borned Janry the 18 1873
Hoy Gouge wase Borned June 20 1875
Girtie Gouge wase Borned September the 4 1877
Rosler Gouge wase Borned July the 6 1881
Besse Gouge wase Borned febery the 14 1883
Ralph Gouge December 13 1885

Joseph L Gouge Died the 9 of February 1892

Besse Gouge Died the 28 of Oct 1885

Davey Flemming was Borned July the 10 1896 [? the last digit is not legible.]
Edith Gouge wase Borned July the 11 1900
Zack Goug wase Borned April the 19 1902

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